You want to advertise US in your media outlets? GREAT! Please use our logo (see image in the left sidebar) and link to our webpage. Helps us get the word out about this event!


You want to advertise your business with us? GREAT! This helps get the word out about you to the communities that are interested in what you offer, also cross-markets. Here are several ways you can do that:

Become a Sponsor
Becoming a sponsor gets you advertising on our website, in our program, in the promotional grab bag given to attendees, and in any other media activity we engage in. It also gets you a table at the show! This helps us put shows like this on now and in the future.

Go here for details:

Ad in the Program
Put your business card in the printed program given out to all attendees. Your image must be a pgn or a 600dpi jpg for clarity and must work well in black & white.
Cost is $10

Shameless Self-Promotion in the Promotional Grab Bags
This is a great way to get people excited about what you have to offer. Give them a teaser! Little tokens are memorable (more than business card, but those are good, too). You need to provide your item with contact information (for 200 bags) no later than September 1st.
Cost is $20

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