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Sponsors help share the love of pens and tea by helping ensure events such as these are well-funded and are able to continue from year to year. They are the foundational resources for networking and information. They are the incredible people who help make this possible.

We are neither a registered business, nor a registered charity, just a group people coming together to share our passions and ensure we can do this year after year. We are doing this for the love of doing this, however there are a great many costs that need to be met and we are extremely grateful for any help to cover them.

Sponsorship is a flat fee of $300

This helps us to cover costs this year, and provides financial security for future shows.

Sponsors must fill out the Exhibitor/Sponsor Registration Form
and email it back to scriven.montreal@gmail.com.

In return, we offer sponsors the following:
  • Prominent recognition on the web site: a logo or name listed alphabetically in the sidebar, visible on all pages;
  • Prominent recognition in printed materials (posters & program);
  • An exhibitor’s table space at the show, at no additional fee (with a table if they are available);
  • The eternal gratitude of all pen, writing, and tea lovers of Montreal and Canada!


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