Friday, May 31, 2019

Logo and Ink

We now have an amazing new logo.

We also have an exclusive limited run of home-made Black Walnut ink. More details about the ink later.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Exhibitor/Vendor Registration OPEN!

Yes! All the pages on this new site are as up to date as they can be now. Registration is open for vendors and sponsors.

As a preview...

Sponsorship is $300 and includes a table and inclusion in our advertising.
Exhibitor/Vendor Registration is $100 for a 6-ft table

If you are interested in just advertisin:
$10 will get you an ad in the Program
$20 gets you an opportunity to add to the promo/grab bags offered to all attendees

There are 20-25 tables available in total for this year's first show.

We look forward to having part of our exciting new endeavor!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

First Scriven Show!

So much excitement!

I (T. Scarlet Jory) have been prodded yearly to do a pen show or a tea show one of each, on top of the two craft fairs I have been running for the last 20+ years.

My setback for the last year was in finding a suitable location.


So now is the time to seriously kick this off. And instead of running TWO shows (a pen show and a tea show), I will run a combined Pen & Tea Show.

A Facebook event page has been set up and this preliminary website. Please be patient as the pages get added over the coming days, along with forms and other details.

I have yet to make a first promo poster, make a logo for the show, and set up sponsorship.

I am already registering vendors/exhibitors, especially since I need to have the deposit for the location ASAP. Please use the contact form to reach me.