What is Scriven?

Scriven is an archaic word meaning "to put into writing". A scribe is also a scrivener. The scribe scrives, scrived, or has scriven. Just because something is old, does not mean it is without value or interest. Long live the archaic words!

Scriven is a Montreal Pen and Tea show... because the two just go so well together!

This is an annual show promoting interest in writing and communication.

Special features include:
  • fountain pens (old & new & handcrafted)
  • stationary (vintage, homemade, and luxury)
  • journaling ideas
  • novel writing
  • inspiring writing among youths
  • pen supplies & inks (book covers, pen cases, and amazing bottled inks)
  • tea (quality and specially blended teas)
  • tea supplies (imagine it and it will likely be there!)
  • workshops & presentations
  • community activities (space for journaling with some fine tea, discussions, more)
  • networking opportunities
 This is a place for readers, writers, beginners, specialists, pen lovers, and tea lovers!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry folks, we'd love to attend but 3rd floor! We're in our 70's and hauling all our stock up 3 flights, it's not going to happen. Change the venue and we'd love to be there with pens and pen storage boxes just as we are at Toronto where there is an elevator!